You don't just need someone to help you change health insurance carriers. It's more complex than that. You don't want someone pushing products you don't need. It's too important for that.

Instead, you want a partner to help put together a comprehensive plan for your employee benefits, specifically tailored to your unique needs. Give your employees what they want. Give them what they need. Do so in a way that's cost-effective and creative.

Juster & Associates partners with companies that provide value to help create and manage programs that help you attract, retain and award quality employees. We don't select products off an insurance carrier's 'shelf.' Instead, we intensely research options and build your plan from the ground up. The result is a solution that fits the need.


   Employee Benefits Plan Basics
   Consumer-driven Healthcare
   HR Services and Compliance Issues

Employee Benefits Plan Basics

Medical EPO, HMO, POS, PPO
We help you sort through the alphabet soup of medical plans and select the one that is right for your employees.
Life Employer-paid or Voluntary
We show you the options and recommend which to choose.
Disability Long-Term and Short-Term
Often overlooked, disability is critically important. It is also very affordable.
Dental PPO, Pre-Paid Indemnity - Employer Paid or Voluntary
A popular plan with employees - the second most requested benefit after medical.
Long Term Care Group or Individual
We shop the marketplace and educate you on viable alternatives.

Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Consumer-driven Healthcare Plan (CDHP)
Changing the face of healthcare, CDHPs empower employees to make enlightened buying decisions and help to lower future healthcare inflationary trends.

Health Savings Account (HSA)
Offers substantial tax savings to both employer and employee, from which to pay for future medical expenses. It's portable, and the employee is 100% vested from the start.

Health Retirement Account (HRA)
A medical plan coupled with an employer funded, tax advantaged account used by the employee to offset medical expenses.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Pre-tax dollars set aside by the employee to pay for medical expenses.

HR Services and Compliance Issues

COBRA We partner with Ceridian, the leader in compliance solutions for human resources. This indemnifies you and transfers liability to a third-party.
HIPAA Through our partnership with Ceridian, we'll teach you how to get in, and stay in compliance to avoid the risk of heavy government fines.
Section 125 We help facilitate the implementation of these plans which allow the employer and the employees to save money on healthcare through pre-tax contributions.
Medicare Part D We help employers and eligible employees cut through the confusion. We're here to educate the buyer and serve as an informational resource.
Employee Communication As a client of Juster & Associates, you can be assured that we'll communicate your benefits offering so that your employees appreciate what you provide.